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4-Pack of Ferments Bundle
Back to our roots!!

4-Pack of Ferments Bundle

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Choose your favorite ferments - up to 4 items
Beet kvass (quart)
Water kefir (quart)
2 kombucha (12oz bottles)
Milk Kefir (quart)
White Kimchi Kraut (pint)
Trifecta Kraut (pint)
Beetiful kraut (pint)
Classic Kraut (pint)
Green Kraut (pint)
Chowhound kraut (pint)
Red Kimchi Kraut (pint)
Cottage cheese (8oz container)
This is a selection of the essential fermented products you need for a happy tummy. Choose four of your favorites! Cost is per month and you will have 4 fermented items delivered to your drop in that month. 

Sauerkraut is in a 1 pint jar. Kombucha is 2 - 12 oz. bottles. All other ferments come in 1 qt. jars. REFRIGERATE! 

This is set it and forget it to give your body the probiotics needed to help build your immunity and keep your tummy happy!