Welcome to New Pasture Farm MOBILE Farm Store!

We are delivering nutrient dense, GMO FREE and biotechnology free REAL FOOD from REAL FARMS to a drop location near you. We service the greater Triangle and Triad areas of North Carolina.

New Pasture Farm is a high foraging, multi-species, soy free & GMO free farm. Biotechnology free farming is a passion of ours, as well as providing unadulterated, nutrient dense and therapeutic food for people, pets, and livestock.

The first step for any pasture based farm is pasture quality and health. In NC this can be a challenge, hence the need for farms to rely on grain supplementation and adulterated feed practices. Remediating pastures to have a high brix buys freedom from heavy grain supplementation. Animal feeds are a wide avenue for biotechnology companies power and we want no part of it.

We want to involve, encourage and support other farmers to transition into this state of independence. Therefore we are not only a farm, we are a CSA, a farm co-op, and a NON-GMO feed co-op.

We hope to keep finding creative ways to produce and help others produce the real nutrient dense food you want for you and your pets!

We are able to fully support a 100% GMO FREE lifestyle for anyone interested in doing so. For more details on how to order and receive our food, check out our About Us/ FAQ page or contact us!

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