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New Pasture Farm

You want to heal your family's gut, reduce inflammation, and help perfect their immune system with real food.

You know that the food in your local natural grocery store or supplements on the shelf are just not getting you the health results you deserve.

I agree! 

These issues and lack of nutrient dense foods can reduce your children's health and well-being! After I began to eliminate the packaged (even organic) foods my family was eating and traded grain-fed meats for local grass-fed animals, replaced grains with lots of fresh seasonal local vegetables and added lots of ALIVE fermented foods, I saw our health and vitality skyrocket. And now I have the privilege of watching 100+ other families getting REAL in the triad! 

I am devoted to you and your family's health!

I am a soil, grass and nutrition nerd who wants YOU to heal and the LAND to heal.

DIRT and WORMS ~ By focusing on the soil's food web and the soil's probiotics, my animals eat healthier than you do! But it doesn't have to be that way...

I am proud to provide you with unadulterated, local, nutrient dense and therapeutic foods!! This food is free from glyphosate and GMO's.

You can be too!

And I will show you how.

xo Cindy   

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